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On Demand Training : Holistic Solutions For Anxiety, Stress & Hormones

Are You Consistently Struggling With Anxiety, Stress, Low Energy, Sleep Problems, Or Stubborn Weight?

Discover The Often Overlooked Causes Of Hormonal Imbalances (And How To Finally Break Free From Chronic Wellness Issues)

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Aimee Duffy
Carolina Integrative

Did You Know?

Do you know that 1 in 2 people suffer silently for years with reversible hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, stealth infections, and cognitive issues like brain fog and memory loss?

Do you also know that many people with these chronic health issues are never properly tested by their primary care doctors?

Oftentimes they hear “everything is fine” or “it’s just a sign of getting older”, when they know they don’t feel fine and feel like they aren’t being heard?

Left unchecked, all these issues can lead to more complicated health problems such as autoimmune disease, chronic pain, inflammation and heart disease, and obesity.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels...

  • HOW to identify the commonly overlooked causes for hormonal imbalances (that keep you needlessly stuck with chronic fatigue, stubborn weight and mood issues)
  • WHICH key factors contribute to chronic stress, anxiety and sleep problems (and how to rebalance your hormones holistically)
  • HOW to navigate perimenopause and menopause gracefully (without toxic and expensive drugs or hormone replacement therapy)
  • WHY advanced lab testing is key to zero in on a precise diagnosis, so you don't have to guess as to how to resolve hormonal imbalances
  • HOW to finally resolve your chronic wellness issues and restore vibrant energy (so you can go back to enjoying life)

Meet Aimee Duffy, MD

Dr. Duffy grew up in Boulder, CO and graduated from Texas Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She attended the University Of Texas School Of Medicine in San Antonio earning her medical degree in 2003 and continued her education at the Seneca Lakes Family Medicine Residency Program here in South Carolina. In her last year of residency, Dr. Duffy was recognized by the Upstate AHEC as “an outstanding role model for women in medicine”.


  • American Medical Association
  • South Carolina Medical Association
  • Oconee Medical Society
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine


  • Board Certified in Family Medicine
  • Advanced Hormone Balancing
  • American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (Pending)