5 Tech Gadgets for Health

Gallup reports that 1 in 5 US adults use health apps or wearable trackers. My name is Dr. Aimee Duffy and in my 20-year career in healthcare, I’ve served more than 8000 patients, and I’ve got five tech gadgets for health that I use, my patients use, and that I recommend every single day in my practice. I want to share these amazing gadgets for health with you!

The first one is the Oura ring. And I love the Oura ring! I use it every day. Will Smith and Shaquille O’Neal are investors in this company and this is a high-tech ring that tracks your body’s heart rate, temperature, movement, and sleep. What I really love about it is that every morning when you wake up, it gives you a readiness score based on how well you slept that night, what your physical activity was like the day before and how your overall health is. Sometimes I’ll wake up and I’ll have a readiness score of 92, and I’ll be psyched because I know I’m going to kill it that day! Then other times I’ll wake up with a readiness score of 69, and I know that maybe I pushed it really hard the day before or I could be getting sick. This should be a rest day. I love my Oura ring, and I recommend it to all my patients.

The second tech gadget for health that I love is my harmoni pendant. I wear it all the time, it blocks EMF, electronic magnetic frequency, exposure. And according to Elle Macpherson, who is a big believer in the Harmony pendant as well, she noticed faster recovery, better sleep, and a more balanced nervous system. It reduces stress, boosts your energy, slows aging, and supports optimal health. I wear it every single day and I recommend it.

The third gadget for health is one that a lot of my patients are using who have heart issues, and it is an EKG monitoring device, you can get it on Amazon for around $99, and you just hold it in your hand and put your two thumbs there and it gives you an EKG as if you were in an emergency room with patches on your chest. I mean, it’s that good. So if you have any heart issues, and you want to keep close tabs on it. I recommend any of these EKG monitoring devices.

The fourth tech gadget for health is a continuous glucose monitor, and this is a wonderful thing for anybody who is diabetic or has sugar issues. I especially love it for patients who are trying hard not to be diabetic! Now a lot of times you see people walking around these days with a little white circle on their arm. That’s what this is, and it monitors your blood sugar through that patch, and this way you know all day long, how your sugar is and it’s really interesting if you eat an omelette versus a donut for breakfast it’s going to impact the way that the way your score is on this continuous glucose monitor and help you to know immediately what changes you can make in your diet. It is really excellent for anybody who wants to learn how what you eat affects your body.

And the fifth and final one I want to recommend is the Numiere laser for home facials, facelifts, and acne. Now, this is a little handheld device, and it uses LED light with infrared light and microcurrent for facial toning treatments and helps if you have dark spots or acne or sun damage. This basically gives you a non-surgical facelift, and the electric muscle stimulation lifts and tightens your skin and also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This uses technology that was developed by NASA. And I own one of these, I use it on my patients, and I recommend it. You can too, it’s more pricey. But if you think about what you might be spending on aesthetic treatments at a spa or medical spa, it will quickly pay for itself and I really love it.

These are my five tech gadgets for health and I’m so happy to share these with everyone who loves tech and wants to be healthy!


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