The Real Culprit For Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

So many women out there are confused about their risk for autoimmune thyroid. And it can be concerning when there are thyroid issues, but the meds do not seem to be working. It is overwhelming when people get newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or are worried that they might end up with it. It is why I created this video to give some in-depth insight. I will also share the real culprit for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and what to do about it.

Many times when women are experiencing thyroid issues, their doctor may find that the TSH levels on their bloodwork are off. At first, they may feel relieved that the doctor has finally found an answer to the symptoms they’ve been experiencing and gladly take thyroid medication in order to feel better. 

But one of the key pieces missing here is what’s happening in the gut. While their doctor is well-meaning and believes that thyroid medications will do the trick, they often miss a really important piece of the thyroid-gut equation. 

Because they’re feeling worse and worse over time. They may also experience symptoms that may seem not even related to thyroid issues because they are gut-related, which makes them feel even more confused. What’s even more confusing is that their doctor may do a blood test, but not a gut test, and report that everything is fine because they see normal labs with the added medication. 

However, the more you ignore the gut, the more you’ll have this downward spiral of your thyroid health, which may lead to autoimmune conditions.

Possibly your thyroid gland is super inflamed because you have a bacterial infection in your gut or that your cells are overloaded with toxins so that your thyroid hormone can even get in the door. It’s kind of like a hoarder who has so much stuff that can’t even get in their house. 

But if your doctor is only testing TSH and not other hormones and has no idea you have a gut imbalance, you aren’t getting the full treatment you need to support your thyroid. That’s why you might be feeling rundown and why your concerns about Hashimoto’s are more than just a gut feeling. 

They are a function of poor gut health. Now you can understand why treating your gut imbalances and detoxing your body is a key for balancing your thyroid health. While this may seem complicated, we have plans and tools to guide you so that you can heal your gut, detox your body, and bolster your thyroid health all at the same time. 

Many times we see that your hormones rebalance naturally once your gut health is restored.

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