Why you have Low Energy & Low Libido (TIP: It’s your hormones!)

So many women are literally sick and tired of being sick and tired! And they end up feeling guilty when they use that old cliche “Not tonight, honey”… In this video, I’m going to share some surprising reasons why energy and libido may be at an all time low, and what to do about it.

Many times you’re so tired, that you don’t have the energy to find out what’s really happening when your doctor can’t help. In my practice, when I talk to women with low libido, there are several variables that come to mind. You don’t feel good about your body, you don’t feel sexy, you’re overworked, you’re feeling bloated, you’re struggling with your weight, you literally feel like you have 50,000 things on your to do list and sex easily gets to be the lowest one on your priority list. So when you’re already too exhausted by the end of the day, and you add lack of hormones, it’s no wonder you have no interest in sex.

There are several reasons why women start to lose their libido. When it comes to hormones, it’s not just testosterone. It can be thyroid issues, and even in adrenal dysfunction. While women who struggle with low testosterone often experience low energy, weight gain and low libido. I often see that adrenal issues can cause the same symptoms and this is actually more common. When your adrenal health is out of whack, you will not be in the mood to do much, let alone have sex!

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