3 Questions To Ask Before Going On Thyroid Meds

So many people are confused about thyroid health, and many of them are currently on thyroid medication and they don’t feel any better. Often they wonder if something else more serious is going on.

So I want to share three questions to ask before going on thyroid medication or even if you’re already taking thyroid medication.

There are so many people out there taking medication that don’t address all the issues impacting their thyroid and their overall health. 

In fact, some people find themselves with full blown autoimmune conditions after many years of being on standard thyroid medication, not realizing that gut imbalances and lifestyle factors that cause autoimmune disease went untreated.

So the three questions you need to ask yourself is: 

  1. Could it be gut issues that are causing your symptoms as well as impacting the conversion of T4to T3? 
  2. Could it be your adrenals and stress hormones impacting your thyroid? 
  3. Could you be at risk for autoimmune thyroid and already having autoimmune reactions?

Unfortunately, if you ask your doctor these questions, you might get blank stares. And it makes sense because most of this isn’t covered in standard medical school training are part of the cookie cutter approach to treating basic thyroid issues with medication. 

That’s why so many people who are still on medication are struggling with serious symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, sleep issues, and brain fog. Because the gut imbalances, adrenal issues or other factors are clobbering their thyroid function.

So many people are prescribed thyroid medication as a knee-jerk reaction, but the truth is, you may not need medication at all.

Or for those of you who do need medication, you might be on the wrong type, a synthetic versus our bioidentical.  Or even worse, you might be on the wrong dose.

What we have discovered from working with so many patients is that once you correct your gut imbalances and adrenal issues, this allows your thyroid to stabilize.

We also see in testing that your TSH, T3 and T4 often normalize meaning medication is unnecessary if you approach the problem at its root.

In the rare cases where thyroid hormone replacement is necessary, we explore the right amount of a bioidentical replacement so that you can avoid all side effects.

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