What is Hormonal Imbalance? (PLUS #1 thing to solve it today!)

So many women are getting tired of the hormone run around from their doctor because they’re still struggling with their symptoms! And it’s because they’re really in the dark when it comes to understanding many facets of their own hormone balance, and what their symptoms really mean. This is why I’ve created this video to provide some clear answers. I also want to share the number one strategy to resolve hormonal imbalances to stop being blindsided by your symptoms.

When most women complain about symptoms that seem hormonal, like unexpected weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, and painful menstrual cycles, many doctors immediately check estrogen levels or thyroid. If they see imbalances, the next step is to offer HRT. If everything checks out, they may say things like maybe you’re stressed, or eat better and exercise more, or it may just be your emotions, why not try an antidepressant medication. And this is why so many women nowadays feel unheard! Unfortunately, none of these prescriptions help long term because they don’t begin to cover the real reason why your estrogen or thyroid hormones may be off.

The first step to getting your hormone health back on track is to understand how hormone balance actually works.

First off, there are multiple connections in your endocrine or hormone system. In my practice, we take a look at those areas before just blaming estrogen levels or your thyroid. Once people hear, oh, there’s something wrong with my hormones, they immediately want to focus on their estrogen. But they’re not dealing with the true issues or the big picture, which usually involves your gut, your adrenals, your liver, and other parts of the body.

Your hormones are a complex system of balance, like sections in the orchestra. So if one area is out of tune, the whole Symphony sounds awful. What people often miss or don’t know is that your hormones are distributed, converted, stored and detoxed by your liver, and other organs, and even the bacteria that live in your gut. This is why it’s so important to understand where your hormone health stands on all levels by doing more comprehensive testing.

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