How Toxins Are Messing Up Your Thyroid, Adrenals And Insulin Levels

Many people right now are feeling sluggish and overwhelmed. And many of them have been feeling this way for a while and they can’t figure out why. Most people are relying on loads of coffee to push through the day, but having trouble getting sound sleep at night – we call it tired and wired.

Well, it’s not just the to do list, toxin overload, maybe to blame for all of these issues. And in this video, I’ll share how toxins can mess with your thyroid, adrenals and even insulin levels.

When most people think of toxins, they only think of them in terms of how they may impact weight loss, or maybe doing that random juice cleanse. What most people don’t know is that numerous toxins, both industrial and natural, literally take up residence in your tissues, skin and organs over time. This is why I see people struggling with issues like brain fog and belly fat, acne and fatigue.

These are also indications that your thyroid adrenal or hormone balance, even insulin levels may be impacted. Now the other thing to consider is how toxins impact your cells, and your ability to get nutrients into your cells. Your toxic burden, which is extremely high and most people (even in the ones who think they eat healthy) can literally stop the uptake of insulin!

The constant overload of having too many toxins means that your body runs a little slower, your immune system is weakened, yeast mold and bacteria can literally take over and you find your batteries are running low. In fact, one of the first things we do in my practice is to help you through a proper detox since many people are carrying a lot of toxins in their body, and this may be the real reason why their hormones become unbalanced!

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