4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Perimenopause and Menopause

I hate to see women going crazy with mood swings and painful periods. And many women are on the verge of menopause, dreading it because they’re struggling with weight gain, night sweats, moodiness, and fatigue. I know that they wish there was a more balanced approach to dealing with symptoms, but they just don’t know how to approach it. In this video, I’ll share four little-known facts about perimenopause, and menopause from an integrative medical approach.

The conventional approach to dealing with many hormonal issues that are associated with perimenopause and menopause is usually a grin and bear it for an antidepressant prescription or straight to hormone replacement therapy or HRT.

But there’s a different way!

While most women know what menopause is, they’ve never heard of perimenopause. Most conventional doctors and even Ob-gyns never talk about perimenopause, and don’t attach much importance to it. But they should because it’s a hormonal change consistent with the decline of progesterone.

This is a problem because progesterone must be balanced with estrogen. And in this phase, progesterone starts to decline before estrogen. So many women no matter what stage they’re in, are experiencing hormonal Fallout, with very low levels of progesterone and higher levels of estrogen, also known as estrogen dominance. This means that the onset of symptoms and potentially higher risk for breast cancer.

So if you’re on the brink of menopause, your doctor may run some tests to understand your symptoms, which can be very confusing because the results may be normal. Yet things are so definitely changing. Watch the vlog to learn more!

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